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A Run a Day, Keeps a “Bad Day” Away

I am having somewhat of a difficult time today.  During this process (of overcoming social anxiety disorder) I have days that I would consider “bad days”.  It’s generally something that tips me off, or sometimes I just wake up with … Continue reading

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Time Flies..when you’ve got 80’s music and running mojo

I don’t know where time goes, but I find myself surprised whenever a new week has started.  This is probably because I’m unemployed and the days start morphing together into one giant day and then I can’t tell where one … Continue reading

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Lists: My Anti-Drug

I don’t know who I’ve become, but I’m certain that I don’t look, act or even feel like I’m 27.  Most 27 year olds are out working hard, making income, and are just generally productive human beings.  I have aspirations … Continue reading

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Lemonade, Anyone?

This weekend was fun – X and I went for a run with another couple.  It was fun and if you knew X at all, you’d realize that yesterday was his first time running without some sort of ball involved … Continue reading

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Social Anxiety Disorder

I had heard the term “social anxiety disorder” at one point or another and it just popped into my head one random afternoon and I felt compelled to research the term and see if there was something to this so-called … Continue reading

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