Lemonade, Anyone?

This weekend was fun – X and I went for a run with another couple.  It was fun and if you knew X at all, you’d realize that yesterday was his first time running without some sort of ball involved (bball, football, soccer, etc).  He did so great!  Never mind the times we got distracted and stopped along the way…like the open house for the $2.3M home we decided to check out.  Despite looking like sweaty, disheveled messes (not to mention, a bit too young to afford it), the real estate agent encouraged us to take a look around the place.

I’ve slowly but surely began working on my goals from last week.  I have since began running/training for a half marathon.  But, my self-motivation is still at an all-time low.  Moving to the other side of the country has definitely left me backtracking on my progress.  It’s really frustrating moving to a place where I have no friends or family..well, except X.  I’m grateful to have him, but he’s busy with grad school.

I really need to make an effort to meet new people and most importantly be myself around them.  I’ve found it so hard to be myself and even when I feel like I am, it seems to backfire.  The problem with having SAD is that you end up conjuring up strange misconceived notions.  I end up leaving every conversation and replaying how it went and being keenly observant of any negative signs I may have received from the other person.

I don’t think they liked me very much.

Well, that was awkward.

Apparently no one gets my sense of humor.

Why do I talk SO much?

Why did I barely say a word??

If I had a dime for every similar thought I’ve had…well, then I’d be buying that home we stumbled upon yesterday.  So…who wants to start pledging some dimes to the cause? Winking smile  After all, you know what they say..

No? Oh.  Well, anyway, I’m off to drink some lemonade!



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A 20-something trying to find her way..
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