Lists: My Anti-Drug

I don’t know who I’ve become, but I’m certain that I don’t look, act or even feel like I’m 27.  Most 27 year olds are out working hard, making income, and are just generally productive human beings.  I have aspirations of being productive again.

The days I wake up and get cracking on my “to-do” list (they come few and far between).. those are my favorite days.  To achieve this feeling of accomplishment, I have decided to make this my new list of goals:

Winking smile

While dance, music, exercising, etc. are some of my favorite things on the planet, nothing leaves me as proud and excited as the days when I have accomplished most of the things on my to-do list.  Those are the days, that when X walks through the door, I won’t stop talking about everything I’ve done.  That’s why when he comes home and I’m not a bundle of crazy, he’ll always ask “So, how was your day? What did you do?”  He knows I won’t have a lot to say and I think it’s his way of reminding me how much I love to get out and just. Do. Something. Anything.  And probably also his way of telling me to get a job.  Embarrassed smile

It’s like crossing off items on a list is my anti-drug. You know those commercials? “Dance: it’s my anti-drug”.

I love making lists and crossing things off of them.  It’s so fun, in fact, that sometimes I’ll even add something to the list that I’ve already completed (and hadn’t been on my list originally), just so that I can cross it off.  What?  People don’t do that?  Weird.  Nerd smile

With that being said, it is now 2pm and I’ve accomplished nothing.  I have 3 more hours before X gets home and I’d like to have an answer when he asks me what I’ve done all day!



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A 20-something trying to find her way..
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