Raindrops on Toes-es

It’s been raining for two days straight.  And that is no exaggeration, my friends.

Rainy Day

Please excuse the horrible picture – in which you probably can’t even tell that it’s raining – but it’s the best I could do with my phone.  If you notice little white dots on that there bare branch…those are raindrops!  Yessiree. 

I don’t know what is up with mother nature this week.. but I have a feeling she’s just empathetic towards my somber mood.  Last week on my 6 mile run, if you remember, my lower calf/achilles felt tight.  I ran through it.  On my next two runs, I felt the same tightness but it would disappear after a minute or two.  But yesterday, at the end of my 3 miler, I noticed it was feeling sore.  And I attempted to walk/skip/hop it out (much to the entertainment of my neighbor and her 8 year old son whom I had not noticed until it was too late Embarrassed smile). 

X and I googled the shit out of achilles/calf aches, and learned that my achilles tendon is most likely injured and that I must ice and rest.  Mega sadface (Sad smile) for that one. 

Something else we learned (that had us rolling around in laughter) is that my notorious longer 2nd toe (a friend of mine even has me in her phone as “FingerToes”) has a NAME!!! It’s called Morton’s Toe!  Would you believe that?  After 27 years, I’m still learning so much about myself.

The pic below is me as I type up this blog post! That’s a hair-tie holding my ice in place. I so smart.


That’s a lot of text on that picture!  There’s even some other hidden gems from which I decided to spare your eyes.  You’re welcome. 

I have such horrible feet – which is why I took up running.  I figured, my feet already have so many issues, I might as well try and lose some toenails, too! Winking smile

Have you ever had a minor achilles injury?  How long did you wait until you began running again?  Blegh.  Let’s hope it’s so minor that it just needs a few days.  I’m trying to pretend I didn’t see anything about possibly taking weeks or months for even minor injuries. 

That’s all for now! 

xoxo, the SAButterfly


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A 20-something trying to find her way..
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