Triple Tangent Tuesday

I decided to join in on the Triple Tangent Tuesday idea from Janae at HRG

1.  I feel like I’m the only person on the planet (well, besides my boo.. but he doesn’t count cause he doesn’t like anything that isn’t meat or cheese) who doesn’t like peanut butter.  I know, I’m almost ashamed.  I bought a jar of it last year to try and incorporate into my daily diet.. and I just couldn’t do it!  I don’t know if it’s the stickiness or the taste. 

Last night I actually bought a ThinkThin PB bar – let’s see how that goes. Smile


2.  I’ve had three pair of running shoes and all have been the same exact colors. Boring, huh? Silver and baby blue and all different brands (Nike, then Aasics, now Saucony).  Thankfully, I totally just ordered my Saucony Mirage Red heart in white and lime green (below) this week because I wanted to stock up on this perfect shoe… Oh, and because this color combo was only $50!  I wish all running companies could have shoes as pretty as Nikes.. or that Nikes didn’t give me a crap ton of blisters.


3.  I love fashion blogs, but I think I have horrible style.  A 27 year old really needs to stop living in jeans, tanks and flip flops if she doesn’t want to be carded when she’s buying tickets to a rated R movie..  One good thing that’s come from moving to the Bay Area is that it has finally gotten me to wear boots everyday!  I haven’t worn flip flops in MONTHS! 


Can you recommend any nut butter besides PB that is less sticky and less “nutty”?  Does the term ‘nut butter’ make you as uncomfortable as it makes me?

Do you go for fun colors or conservative colors when buying running shoes?  I really love the funky colors, but somehow when I’m buying shoes they’re never in my size and I always end up with silver and baby blue. 


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